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A New Beginning.

Whitney OwensComment
A New Beginning.

"It's okay if you fall down and lose your spark. Just make sure that when you get back up, you rise as the whole damn fire." - Colette Werden


This quote was one of the first post to any of my social media accounts after a long 6 month hiatus. No, I didn’t take a leave from social media for some spiritual fasting purpose. I left because I had hit an extreme low in my life. My confidence level was at an absolute zero and the act of watching my seemingly happy and very accomplished colleagues grace my mobile screen made me feel like a sobbing wet blanket. I had let the turmoil of the world consume me and I blamed myself for everything “negative” that happened in my life not realizing that those very same moments of failure would be pivotal towards my own growth.

But, to get a better understanding of how I got to this point let’s rewind back to the summer of 2016. I had just transcended from one of the biggest highs in my life, which was graduating with my bachelor's degree in Fashion Business Management, and minor in economics from the Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York City. Furthermore, I had managed to land an internship working for a big name footwear company!

Things we looking up! I was very optimistic and hopeful about my future. I had my life all mapped out and this vision of mine hadn’t changed since high school. The goal was simple, get a job as a buyer then work my way up the corporate ladder to success.

....... Fast forward a few months later, mix in some doubt, confusion, failure, blunt jabs to my pride, and utter embarrassment, and you get me, optimistic Whitney, lost, hopeless and even more confused. I had lost every little bit of confidence I had and as a result fell into a lengthy depression filled with unemployment, eating mass amounts of junk food, and crying at other people’s success. I was a PITIFUL mess!

But, this story isn’t all sad. In the mist of my temporary setback. I was able to heal my mind and rediscover my true passion in life.

You see, I had developed this one track mindset where climbing the corporate ladder was the only way to career success and I was extremely determined to make my vision a reality! However, that way of thinking was insanely toxic! Moreover, it’s this way of thinking that keeps many people bound in a job that they absolutely despise all because they can’t see any other options. 

"Roughly 90% of employed individuals in America are dissatisfied with their current job!"

Not too long ago, I read a Forbes article which stated that the roughly 90% of employed individuals in America are dissatisfied with their current job! My aha moment stems from the fact that I did not want to become just another statics. So I made an oath to myself to seek a life of purpose, true happiness, fulfillment, and self-confidence!

Since my setback, I have rekindled my first love of fashion and have sparked new creative flames. Ultimately, my goal in this world is to move people to pursue their own life passions, using my life as a source of inspiration.

But, the moral of the story is that I would have never come to this realization if things in my life hadn’t gone awry! The turmoil was necessary so that I could embark down the path towards my true destiny.

In the mist, you may be sad, but in the end, you will be wise.
— Whitney