Love: When Opposites Attract

Below is a list of things that my boyfriend and I disagree on.  

1. Food

2. Movies

3. Music  

4. Politics  

5. Money  

6. Relationships  

7. Cleaning

8. What temperature to put the thermostat on.  

9. How to trim a Christmas tree. (We seriously had a fight about which was the proper way to put lights on a tree.)

10.  How much detergent to put into the washing machine to clean your clothes. 

Honestly, I can go on and on, but I’ll stop my list at 10.  

In a world where people are increasingly divided because of their differences. I’m glad that my boyfriend, Tyler, and I have managed to love each other despite our polarities. One key element that we do share in common is our love for one another. But, what exactly is love? To answer that question, I like to reference a movie quote that writes, 

“We love each other. There’s no fear, there’s no ego, no attitude. When I look at these young people today, my heart bleeds. Looking and wanting love so bad. Not knowing how to find it, not knowing anybody to show them what it is and how to get it. If you don’t remember anything from us tonight, remember this: love, pure love, will never return to you void.”
— Tyler Perry, Why did I get married?

To further understand love, I also look to the Bible for guidance because after all, “God is Love.” The unconditional love that God exudes is how I, inevitably, had to learn to love in my own relationship.

Furthermore, it is important to note that love is a feeling that warms the soul AND test the heart. It is a utopia garden that must be well-maintained and watered in order to flourish. With loves comes selflessness, understanding, forgiveness and generosity. Personally, I feel that God knew exactly what he was doing when he placed Tyler into my life 12 some years ago. At a young age, we found a love so innocent and true. But, as we got older we found that love required a lot of elbow grease to keep the engine running. We had no choice but to put in the work if we wanted to keep our love strong. 

In addition to teaching me how to love, Tyler has also opened my eyes to a world of new passions and discoveries. A few of these new passions included food and film. I watched my first Star Wars film and ate my first medium cooked steak a few years ago, and its all because of him.

In closing, as I sit here thinking about my extremely lovable, yet laughably different relationship with Tyler I can’t help but wonder what the world would be like if everyone not only chose to love one another, but learned how to love unconditionally. I wholeheartedly believe that the world would be an extremely better place. That’s because when you truly love and care for someone, you begin to care about their well being. As a result, you begin to listen more and speak less. This then brings forth acknowledgment, compassion, and togetherness. Heck, people may even discover something new and amazing just as I did with Star Wars and steak! 

Happily yours,