Top 5 Trends for Summer 2018

Top 5 Trends for

Summer 2018


It seems like the winter season has lasted forever this year! Just when you thought it was time to bring out the short shorts, and crop tops Mother Nature had other plans and a blistering winter storm commenced. Now that it's mid-April, it finally appears that warm weather is here to stay! Let's keep our fingers crossed as I introduce the top 5 trends for groovy fun in the sun fashion, this summer 2018.


1. Hats
From military to cabby, sun visor, floppy, beret, baseball/dad, and fedoras. Hats are one of the biggest items to accessorize with this season! So, find a hat to match your style or mood for the day and go have fun stylin n' profilin' in the sun!

2.  Mini Bags
Perhaps, one of the biggest trends this summer is the fanny pack. This is because it compliments the sporty/ motorsport theme fashion has taken in the last few seasons. In addition to fanny packs, small backpacks, pint-size satchels and crossbodies are the way to go this season. These tiny bags may not be capable of holding much, but at least you'll look fabulous while rocking them!

3.  Stripes
I am all the way here for anything stripped this season! It seems like everywhere I look, my favorite fashion icons have been spotted wearing some sort of striped ensemble. This includes plaid, checkered print, pinstripe and stripes with a pop of color. I don't know about you all, but I will definitely be rocking this chic fashion trend all summer 2018 and beyond!

4.  Prominent Earrings
If you haven't already caught on, accessorizing your outfit is the way to go this season! There's a quote by the great Oscar De La Renta which states that " A woman makes an outfit her own with accessories." So, get fancy jazzing up your look with hoops, tassels, fringe, beads, words, iced out bling, you name it! 

5. Cropped Anything
It was roughly four years ago when the cropped trend first made its introduction onto the fad fashion scene. The trend started with the appearance of the infamous crop top but has since then transformed into cropped jumpsuits, trousers, and jeans. This, now wardrobe staple, seems like it has made its way to the classic category of the fashion life cycle and will be here to stay for many more seasons to come!

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